Special Events
Developing and creating impactful signature events.

We create signature events and special promotions that drive attendance during the off-season. Our philosophy is that signature events and promotions should have an entertainment and/or educational component, generate free media coverage, allow for growth and repeatability year-after-year and provide co-promotional and sponsorship opportunities while reinforcing the brand’s unique qualities. For instance, holding an autograph session for a baseball star at an aquarium wouldn’t reinforce the brand – unless the ball player scuba dived and signed autographs underwater. We work closely with marketing, guests services, husbandry, engineering departments as well as promotional partners to ensure events are successful.

We create events that:

  • Have an entertainment and/or educational component.
  • Generate free media coverage.
  • Allow for growth and repeatability year-after-year.
  • Provide co-promotional and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Reinforce and/or promote the brand.