On Location

Animal photographer Mark Alexander gets up-close and personal with African Blackfooted penguin.  

Dennis Rutherford and Mark Alexander
review shots for the Penguin Encounter.
  Director of Photography Jeff Barklage sets up for the opening sequence
of a commercial starring Asian small-clawed otters.

Underwater Cinematographer Dave Theis
captures Rosie the Shark on digital video.
  Dennis Rutherford shoots a still image
between takes for continuity.

Greg Newberry preps for a scout of sea lions off Cabo San Lucas.

Cinematographer Jeff Barklage and Greg Newberry shoot the shark fin that was cloned for a shark
commercial. The fin was flown in from Hollywood and towed behind a pontoon boat on the Ohio River.

Dennis Rutherford video tapes
actor Christopher Guthrie as a reference model
for the animated Sammy the Shark commercial.
  Greg Newberry heads into the shark tank.